VANISHED Thriller Short Film – Watch Audience FEEDBACK from the Festival

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VANISHED was shown at the November 2013 FEEDBACK Film Festival.

Watch Audience FEEDBACK Video of VANISHED:

VANISHED, Action/Suspense, 11min – USA/Germany
Directed by Simon Beckman


A secret research facility has been completely annihilated when a special ops team comes to the rescue. Keaton, a hard-nosed investigator, tries to reconstruct what has happened when one sole survivor is discovered.

Alex, shell-shocked and wounded, cannot remember much, still Keaton is relentless. He needs to find out what she knows right now to avoid an even greater disaster.

Directed by Simon Beckman

Writers: Simon Beckman, James Coyne

Stars: Cameron Richardson, Mark Rolston, Jed Abrams


GENRES:Thriller, Crime, Action


‘To me a film is successful if it keeps the viewer’s attention for the entire running time and leads them to form an opinion on the central characters of the story. VANISHED is supposed to mesmerize the viewer right away and not let go until the very end.

It was especially important to me to find the best possible cast. The leading actress must evoke empathy while the extreme circumstance the other characters are in also needed to be clear.

Visually I wanted top create a world that seemed authentic but left much in the dark. The viewer only gets to see what’s essential. This approach was also used for the more brutal scenes. It is perfectly clear what exactly is happening but most of it is left to the imagination.

It was important to me to avoid drawing any attention to the cinematography and rather make the story the main focus. The viewer is supposed to always know where we are and what is happening. Fast action sequences happen in real time. I deliberately avoided slow motion and intricate camera moves and instead tried to create a strong sense of realism.

I made VANISHED because it is exactly the kind of film I enjoy watching and want to direct in the future. Of course I hope this short film will lead to getting a feature film made some time soon. However, no matter what happens I do believe we have at the very least succeeded in making a very good and entertaining short film.

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