Lockdown Cinema — INFLICT

I have now returned to work to pour pints to people who tell me that Coronavirus is a myth. Yippie. I guess that means my lockdown is over. However, for all of you still stuck with your bottoms on sofas, here is some inspiration for what to switch on that screen you’ve been ogling for […]

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The power and grace of “Just Mercy” — Static and Screen

“Just Mercy” reminds us of the inherent worth of all human beings and that we are all more than our worst misdeed. It pleads for justice but also for mercy and unmerited grace. And if you’re going to pour the moralizing on a little thick, that seems like a pretty good lesson to double down on.

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“Bombshell” is not subtle, nor should it be — Static and Screen

Could another filmmaker have told this story with more nuance? Almost certainly. Would it have been better? I’m not sure. In telling the stories of serial abusers like Ailes, nuance can feel a little bit like using kid gloves. Sometimes, you need to scream these stories from the rooftops in order to get your point across. That’s what “Bombshell” does. And it works.

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American carnage Part II — Digby’s Hullabaloo

It makes you feel so … embarrassed and ashamed: At the foot of Mount Rushmore’s granite monument to his presidential forebears, President Trump on Friday delivered a dark speech ahead of Independence Day in which he sought to exploit the nation’s racial and social divisions and rally supporters around a law-and-order message that has become…

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The Big Heat: The 10 Sweatiest Film noirs (and Neo-noirs) — Digby’s Hullabaloo

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “Hotter than the 4th of July”? Ice tea on standby: Coronavirus. Massive unemployment. Murder hornets. Saharan dust… How could 2020 get any worse, you might ask. With record-breaking scorching heat. That’s how. Meteorologists on Tuesday revealed that July could bring unusually hot temperatures for more than two-thirds of the […]

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