THRILLER Festival 1st Scene Reading: AS SCARED AS YOU, by Jesse Dorian

A twenty-something male “drifter” antihero, and a young blind woman become caged prisoners at a bed and breakfast in small-town northern California, where the drifter’s violent, malignant actions prior, push a group of malicious locals– along with their two animalistic, basement-held zombified residents, dressed as a dog and a clown– to seek vengeance. CAST LIST:… Continue reading THRILLER Festival 1st Scene Reading: AS SCARED AS YOU, by Jesse Dorian


A showcase of the winning feature film for 2023. MIND THIEF, 109min,. USA, Sci-Fi/ThrillerDirected by Matt SteinauerA novelist realizes that her neighbors may be under the mind control of unknown forces. Little does she realize how close and sinister its influence has become. MIND THIEF is a sci-fi thriller that takes us on a harrowing,… Continue reading HIGHLIGHTS: January 2023 THRILLER/SUSPENSE Festival

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ENVIRONMENTAL Film & Screenplay Festival off code: environment50 LA FEEDBACK Film Festival off code: feedback50deal ROMANCE & RELATIONSHIPS FESTIVAL off code – romance50 Toronto COMEDY FIlm & Screenplay Festival off code: torcom STUDENT & YOUNG FILMMAKERS Film Festival off code: 50students HORROR Underground Film Festival off code: underground50 1st Scene…

Watch Today’s Film: THE ORIGINAL Richard McMahan short film, 21min., USA, Documentary

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Watch the Award Winning Film: Sign up for the free 7 day trial at to watch this and 100s of award winning Indy films. The multi-talented outsider artist Richard McMahan is on a quest to painstakingly re-create thousands of famous and not-so-famous paintings and artifacts– in miniature. From well-loved Picasso…