Director Biography – Julien Hosmalin (LEAD ME HOME)

Julien Hosmalin is a French director and screenwriter.Just before his cinema degree, he was noticed with his first project « Thalis » which won the « Prix de la Ville de Nice ».At the end of his studies in 2008, Julien worked as a cameraman for the TV channels Al-Jazeera and El-Arabya. With a journalist,… Continue reading Director Biography – Julien Hosmalin (LEAD ME HOME)

Short Film: LEAD ME HOME, 21min., France, Thrilller

One night, two men stop at a food truck at the entrance of the town of Kalwin. As the conversation goes on with the lonely cook, a trap is woven between the three men, as they are all linked to a pedophile network that raged 30 years ago in this city…

Director Biography – Enma Brenes (MARY)

Enma Brenes is an emerging filmmaker and photographer from Costa Rica. Its main themes courses between the outer reality and the inner experience of the self, through the exploration of social behaviors and the philosophical issues that the author itself faces.Enma Brenes has a BA in Imaging Technology and a 3D Animation Technician degree. 27… Continue reading Director Biography – Enma Brenes (MARY)

Short Film: MARY, 8min., Costa Rica, Thriller

When home alone on a dark and rainy day, Mary opens up a box that sparks a struggle between her desires, the passing of time, and her role as a housewife. News & Reviews “Mary by Enma Brenes”Monthly indie shorts


A showcase of the winning feature film from the LA Feedback Film Festival: THE ALPINES, 93min., USA, ThrillerDirected by Dante Aubain Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video: “The Alpines” follows seven friends coming together for a weekend getaway after several years of little contact. They’ve grown apart. They’ve moved on with their lives. But the secrets… Continue reading HIGHLIGHT & VIDEOS: JULY 2021 THRILLER/SUSPENSE Film Festival