Director Biography – Julien Hosmalin (LEAD ME HOME)

Julien Hosmalin is a French director and screenwriter.
Just before his cinema degree, he was noticed with his first project « Thalis » which won the « Prix de la Ville de Nice ».
At the end of his studies in 2008, Julien worked as a cameraman for the TV channels Al-Jazeera and El-Arabya. With a journalist, he has covered many geopolitical topics between Europe and Middle East.
In 2011, he started directing music videos. Today, all of his music videos cumulate over 500 million views on YouTube.
Since 2015, he has directed several short films, including « Magic World », which won several awards including « Les Films du Monde » de Montréal.
In March 2016, he signed the writing of his first feature film « Ferris Wheel », as well as a second screenplay, based on the eponymous novel from Henri Loevenbruck, « Nous rêvions juste de liberté ».
At the end of 2019, he directed his last short film « Lead Me Home ».

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