Director Biography – Michael Jeanpert (ANOMALY)

Michael Jeanpert is a french director and screenwriter born in Paris on September 12, 1977. In 2010, he directed a spec Nike Basketball commercial which was very successful, with more than a million views on youtube. In 2018, he wrote and directed BACKDOOR, a short film acquired by Amazon Prime video and other platforms in the US, Canada and the UK. The film was also broadcast on several television channels in Europe.

Director Statement

My generation has witnessed the birth and explosive development of personal computing and its applications. Like many people my age, I’m addicted to new technologies and fascinated by what we can accomplish with these tools. But this revolution gives us abilities that could overwhelm us in the near future. Location tracking, manipulation, spying, rights infringement and breach of privacy, addiction, depression… The list of problems associated with this new world is as long as the list of solutions it provides.
In this context, artificial intelligence is becoming one of the biggest challenges of our society. Today, more than half of the world’s internet traffic is generated by bots, automated computer programs that replicate human behavior to interact with people without anyone noticing.
Our daily lives are full of increasingly smart, connected devices. We speak to our phones, to our refrigerators, to our cars. And I wonder, as many do, if we are not creating a monster, while some people already claim that social networks algorithms are destroying democracy.

This film can therefore easily be categorized as science fiction, but first and foremost it is a love story. What motivates me so much in this project is the idea that love, specific to human beings until now, can be found to exist somewhere else, where in theory it is impossible to find it.

To achieve this, I want to place the viewer in a realistic universe, romantic and reassuring, then slowly shift towards the fantasy to let him wonder about our place in this new world. Talk about the possibility that this monster we have created may be more worthy of love than mankind itself. That love always finds a way, that a bot, an “automated” may develop a conscience on its own, a soul, without his maker intending to.

This is to me the most fascinating theme science fiction
has to give us.

Michael Jeanpert

Short Film: ANOMALY, 26min., France, Thriller/Sci-Fi

Adam is crazy in love with Liv but the young woman just lost her husband and refuses to commit to a new relationship.
Without explanation she sends him to the strange and mysterious Zieggler corporation where everybody seems to know what Adam hasn’t figured out yet about his own life.

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Director Biography – Monica De Almeida (LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!)

Monica De Almeida is a film director, producer and screenwriter. Swiss with Portuguese origins, she started her career as a production manager, while collaborating with directors and producers on several productions, in Switzerland. A few years later, her deep passion for the creation of audiovisual contents motivated her to start her own production company “Seven Prod”. She also very naturally got carried into the love of writing and directing. In 2016 and 2018, she wrote and directed two comedic series for television and the web, “Happy célibat” and “Ladies Happy hour”. These successes were followed, in 2020, by “Extinctions”, first short film written and directed by Monica De Almeida. The same year, she directed the psychological thriller “Look what you have done!”. Monica De Almeida is currently already working on the pre-production of her next short film, as well as writing the final draft of her first feature film.