Watch MAFIA Stories from the Writing and Film Festival

Festival Reviews

Watch winning stories and movies showcased at the Writing and Film Festival in the MAFIA, MOB, and GANGSTER genre: Short, Feature, TV Screenplays. Short Stories. Novels. Stage Plays. Poems. Stories from festival made into movies:

June 2014 Reading
Written by JJ Hillard


Anticipating a severe reprimand for a failed drug deal, two criminal operatives in a safe house await a phone call from their mysterious boss, but instead get a surprise directive that may have deadly consequences for one of them.

    * * * * *

December 2013 Reading
Written by Christopher Willis


In 1934, a fourteen-year-old girl dreams of the riches and lifestyle of Hollywood. When her pitiful dustbowl life is destroyed by a tornado, she follows her dream west on Route 66. Two men chase after her: a retired sheriff who believes in her innocence…

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