Playing at Feb. 25th Horror Film Festival – SILENTLY WITHIN YOUR SHADOW, 14min, UK, Horror/Thriller

Festival for HORROR

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Directed by Scott Lyus

As their relationship grows, Lucette’s obsession for ventriloquism and her dummy Hugo starts to strain her relationship with Jace. To Luctette Hugo is more than just a dummy, he’s her best friend and represents her ambition as an artist, to her, he’s very much real.

Silently Within Your Shadow – Director’s Statement

Silently Within Your Shadow is my attempt at creating a story driven horror film, with strong characters, that doesn’t rely on blood and gore.

I wanted to dig into the heart of an artist, in our case a ventriloquist performer, and see how deep her love for her art ran; and explore the effects on her relationship with her boyfriend and the horror that provides.

-Scott Lyus


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