Movie Review: KING KONG (1933)

WILDsound Festival

Posted review in tribute to the anniversary of Fay Wray’s death today (August 8th)

Movie Reviews

Director: Merian C. Cooper, Ernest B. Schoedsack
Starring: Fay Wray, Robert Armstrong, Bruce Cabot, Frank Reicher, Sam Hardy, Noble Johnson, Steve Clemente, James Flavin
Review by Kevin Johnson

An eccentric director, a beautiful actress, and a hearty ship of brave crew members find and capture a huge beast on a mysterious island, who escapes and runs amuck in New York.


Given the opportunity here to write my first review, I pondered for quite a while on the direction I wanted to start. A good friend of mine had always prodded me to discuss my favorite monster movies; embarrassingly, I have yet to see any. So why not begin this venture by viewing the classic monster-horror films of days past? Sure, the special effects back in the years not dated 2000…

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