Writing your CHARACTER in your Screenplay. Tips

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Screenplay writing is all about three major components – PLOT, THEME and CHARACTER. The following are notes on writing for CHARACTER and getting the best out of your script.

What makes a good character?
1) DRAMATIC NEED – What does he/she want, is going to get or going to achieve?
2) POINT OF VIEW – Ways the character views the world3) ATTITUDE – Manner of opinion
4) CHANGE – Characters must change


The purpose of dialogue in screenplay writing
-Moves story forward
-Communicates facts and information to the reader
-Reveals character
-Establishes character relationships
-Makes your chracters real, natural and spontaneous
-Reveals the conflicts of the story and characters
-Reveals the emotional states of your characters
-Comments on the action


“I find that when I am working on a screenplay I become like an antenna and suddenly, somewhat like a paranoid-schizophrenic, everything relates to my screenplay:…

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