Winning Fan Fiction Screenplay – ROCKETEERS, by Gil Saint

FAN FICTION Film and Writing Festival

Watch the August 2017 Winning FAN FICTION Screenplay.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Family.

Based on the 1991 movie “The Rocketeer”. The grandson of a high-flying hero will do anything to live up to his grandfather’s legacy, including battling a new global threat. The odds may be against him, but he’s got a secret weapon: a prototype jetpack that’s destined to make him a legend.


Narrator: Hugh Ritchie
Charlie: Nick Wicht
Lex: Julia Baldwin
Valentina: Alicia Payne
Tour Guide: Beck Lloyd
Bodyguard: David Occhipinti
Air Traffic Guy: Michael Lake

Get to know the writer:

What is your screenplay about?

In the spirit of something like TRON: Legacy or Jurassic World, ROCKETEERS is a modern day “legacy-quel” that pays tribute to its source material, but takes the mythos in an exciting new direction. It’s a passing-of-the-torch from the jazzy 30’s world depicted in the original 1991 Rocketeer movie… to what…

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