Director Biography – Daniel Gomez Bagby (THE CLIMBING PERCH)

Daniel Gomez Bagby is an LA based Director Cinematographer from the Mexican- American border of El Paso Tx and Cd. Juarez Mexico. Since he moved to Los Angeles, he’s worked in different capacities in countless commercials, tv shows, shorts and feature films. In his career, Daniel has directed and shot short films, music videos, and branded content for clients like Spalding and Lexus and most recently McDonalds. His previews last short film premiered at Dances with Film Festival in Hollywood in the summer of 2017. He is currently in the development stages of his first feature film all while doing cinematography work for digital content agencies and pushing his most recent narrative work in the festival circuit with a new short film titled

Climbing Perch Directors Statement.

The Climbing Perch came out of necessity after 4 long years after our last attempt titles First Night. The creative drought was weighing on all of us, so we decided to make it happen for ourselves. I remember the moment we spurred into action like if it was yesterday.  I was talking to one my closest friends and cinematographer Nick Novotny about how proud we were of our last film despite the hardships shooting self-funded movies brings. Before we hung up, we agreed we’d do it all over again ASAP.  This time, we were going to set some boundaries to keep us grounded, and to remain as budget friendly as possible.  We decided 1 location, no more than 2 actors, and we would shoot it over a weekend.    

We got really excited and filled with euphoria knowing that we were doing another film, we didn’t know what or when, but, another film was happening and it was happening soon.  Then, we realized that we still needed to write the thing.  Understanding our financial limitations and our access to gear we had to write something that we knew we could pull off.  But how do we make it interesting? I sent an email to my friend/cousin/writer/producer/badass Christian Moldes explaining what we wanted to do, and if he wanted to join the fun.  2 days later he came back with a grin on his face and a script.  After 1 or 2 revisions we were ready to go into production.

Several of us from the crew, all grew up in a the border town of El Paso TX/Cd Juarez MX, including one of our actors, Aaron Alonso, who plays the Migrant Man.  Border related themes (especially considering our current political climate) come from a deeply broken heart.  As artists representing our border town across the country and the world, we have an inherited responsibility to do work that sheds light not only on the positives, but also on some grim realities that immigrants face in this country everyday.  

Though The Climbing Perch is a fiction with the sole purpose of entertaining its audience with a dramatic thrill ride, the horror elements of the film are inspired by a very dark narrative that plague this country and the world.  This film is a labor or love, filled with passion for story telling and filmmaking. Inspired by the works of Quintin Tarantino and Nicholas Windin Refn with slow camera moves and minimal dialogue, our hope is to take you on an emotional ride that will leave you wanting more.

Thank you kindly,

Daniel Gomez Bagby

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