Director BIO: Lee Way Lan (THE HIKE)

Lee Way Lan is an American actor, filmmaker and musician, known for South Park: Band in China (2019), Legion: Chapter 22 (2019), and Younger: Tattoo You (2016). He was also known as the violinist & rapper in the Chinese pop group ‘Cool Silly’. He was born in Queens, New York, and grew up in Southern California. He studied acting at the Anthony Abeson Acting School in New York City, and is a diversity scholarship recipient at the Groundlings School in Los Angeles.

Director Statement

“THE HIKE” is a story of CHARLES, a Chinese immigrant living in Southern California, who finds a dead body with a bag full of cash on his usual hiking trail. In a surprising turn of luck, he finds himself with an opportunity to rid all his financial problems, and ultimately, gain the respect of his wife who is frustrated with his inability to bring money home. But everything changes when a young, bright, private investigator come seeking the lost bag of cash. 

In the background of the story, the film also touches on the effect of financial corruption associated by the booming Chinese economy in American real estate and the effect of bride purchasing caused by China’s one-child policy.

I believe this film will bring light and attention to how USA will view China’s growing competitive economy in the future – and also realizing the catastrophic damage to a victim of the current bride buying economy that still eerily thrives as an industry in NorthEast China.

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