Liam was very fortunate to have spent some time on sets across Canada when he was very young. This sparked an interest that later turned into a passion. After graduating from a two year ‘Digital Filmmaking’ course at the Centre for Arts and Technology, in his hometown of Halifax, he began pursuing work through corporate films and music videos, gaining a very diverse client list. Right out of the gate, Liam also was brought on set with ‘Book of Negroes’ as a Camera trainee. However, later that year, The NS film tax credits were taken away and Nova Scotia’s film industry was left in disarray. He did not let this discourage him. In fact, it fuelled the fire as he took a step back and focused on what got him here in the first place. His passion to produce, write and direct his own films. This past year seemed to have been the biggest obstacle of all for the industry, but with lots of determination he managed to create an amazing production. These obstacles have only strengthened his will to break into the industry.

Director Statement

What started out as a story of Sociopath vs Psychopath grew into something so much more than I could ever imagine. What originally was conceptualized as a grind-housey anti-buddy story, became a realistic dark thriller. Two lost souls whose tortured paths brought them together to either help save or destroy. While cutting the original idea for a feature down into fifteen pages, it occurred to me: what If the car never moves. The driving force of the film is the rising tension between the two characters. How can you get the most out of this story with two people sitting inside a confined melting pot and which of these two would make it out alive? Thus taking it back to the practicality and efficiency of a theatrical stage play. Even with the subtle clues along the way, I really think the twist at the end will take people by surprise. I always thought the most engaging films are where the audience can interact and do their own detective work along the way. Follow this by an unexpected ended that makes audiences say “I have to watch that again” or “I need to see more”. During production, we shot an alternative ending that will act as a trailer for our originally intended feature film.

By thrillersuspense

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