Director BIO:  Roberto Jay (MOON TALK)

Roberto began his career studying theatre arts and narrative writing in Chicago and has since been working in both tv and film. Moon Talk marks his directorial debut, but as an actor, Roberto has appeared in several projects including the award-winning short film Sinner, the mystery-thriller film Blame, now available on Amazon Prime, and in Showtime’s limited series American Rust. Roberto is also an award-winning Screenwriter with credits that include Moon Talk and Inseparable. Most recently, Roberto has been busy developing feature film and unscripted series projects with Los Angeles-based film/tv production company, SCAT tv Entertainment. As an advocate for juvenescence, Jay founded StrayJay Films with the intention of inspiring younger generations through stories of nostalgia, relatability, and hope.

Director Statement

Growing up, my favorite pastime was watching horror films and anthologies. My mom’s enjoyment for all things October must have rubbed off on me as she was the first to introduce me to some of the cult classics like Stephen King’s Misery, Creepshow, and Tales from the Crypt. Re-runs of these particular films and shows were even better; one of the reasons why I loved the Sci-fi channel.

As I got older, I became increasingly interested in nostalgia, particularly when it became infused with cinema through style and music. My knack for nostalgia is somewhat to blame for the inception of Moon Talk, but my aim to tell stories about mental health was the true culprit here, and I think we’ve created something 3 parts cerebral, 3 parts zany, and 4 parts experimental.

I am pleased to present you with a piece reminiscent of 90’s tv horror that highlights what it feels like to be misunderstood. Please enjoy this weird, sometimes comical commentary on the philosophical fabric of strange behavior.

By thrillersuspense

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