Short Film: FRAGILE, 13min., USA, Thriller

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Sofia struggles to fend off Michael’s relentless advances after a Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting, leaving her in a compromising situation.

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Director Biography – Manolo Campos

Manolo Campos, born in Seville, Spain and based in New York, is a Director and Cinematographer known for taking any vision and transforming it into a reality.
Versatile yet resilient, Manolo has developed many original concepts reflected in his wide array of work, from storytelling pieces and advertising campaigns to fashion films and music videos.
He has directed and filmed for clients and brands worldwide such as Vaynermedia, Vodaphone, Desire Homme, Interbrand, DDB and Nasdaq, while working with a diverse range of camera operators and professional teams.

Director Statement

This story’s initial inspiration came from real events that I witnessed in my home country of Spain. Of course, predatory behavior is not exclusive to one country, and happens all over the world, every day. I wanted to create a version of what could happen if the victim wasn’t really the victim – if the hunter became the prey. Fortunately, I have my friend, Alan Trinca, as a co-writer and actor to elevate this story beyond a one-off short film, with hopes of a series development.

This film will make you angry, uncomfortable, scared, and ultimately, happy. I hope you enjoy the ride.

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