Short Film: NO MORE, 32min., Brazil, Horror/Thriller

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While shaving his head in a dark and shabby bathroom, Jesus, thin, filthy, and in torn clothes, nurtures doubts about everything. Until the owner of the crumbling hotel where he lives knocks on the door, shouting at him for months of unpaid rent. Jesus is at his limit and runs away without direction. From humanity and from the obligation to save it. He flees from an omnipresent and manipulative father, cowardly and adored by hypocrites and murderers. Jesus flees but he is not the only one. Magdalene and Lucifer are out there. Watched by God. Lambs refusing to be slaughtered in a world of wolves hungry for eternal life.

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Director Biography – Fabricio Estevam Mira

I was born in the interior of Rio De Janeiro, in the city of Campos Dos Goytacazes. I got involved with painting and movies to search for some meaning. To try to create for myself some meaning. I found some, but it is still not enough. I keep searching.

Director Statement

I wrote, directed and acted as Jesus in the film Não Mais!(No More), and that was the biggest challenge of my life, mainly because of the constant hunger. I didn’t have the money to pay someone to lose weight and act. So I had to do it. I lived for months as the character. I was homeless. I was kicked out. I let my fingernails grow. At certain periods I ate only one egg and one apple a day to lose weight. With the pandemic we couldn’t shoot with the group and so the film took much longer than planned and with it my diet. I stopped brushing my teeth and lost one in the process. I was really beaten up in several scenes until I fainted three times. I developed binge eating. I stole food. I ate from the garbage can. The world was left behind and my only reality was to finish the film. By punching the mirror I cut my hand and the blood that appears on the sink is real. This film is largely an autobiographical documentary rather than fiction.

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