Short Film: BLINDED, 12min., Thriller, USA

Directed by Jim Morton, Jesse James
Two years after the world population unexplainably went blind, a young woman regains her sight only to make a shocking discovery.

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Director Biography – Jim Morton, Jesse James

Jim Morton is a writer and director living in Erie, Pennsylvania. Morton’s career began in 2017 with his script “Help Me” which won’s screenwriting competition who published the script. He then made the jump to director and directed the short film “Help Me” based on his script. The film was accepted to 19 film festivals across the world in 2020 and won Best Mystery and Best Sound from the Hollywood Blood Horror Fest as well as finalists in many others. Most recently, he co-wrote, co-directed, and co-produced the short film “Blinded”.

Jesse James is a jack-of-all-trades filmmaker living in Erie, Pennsylvania. James began his career as an actor in Hollywood, California before transitioning to behind the camera. He has worked on several successful films, most notably as Assistant Director on the Horror film, “Unearth” directed by John C. Lyons and Dorota Swies. When not working on other people’s sets, he writes and directs his own films. He recently co-produced and co-directed a short film “Blinded” and shortly after was named Erie’s Best Filmmaker of 2021 by the Erie Reader.

Director Statement

Blinded is a Proof of Concept short film. It was made to be a peek into a world with a much deeper story. We are hoping audiences and judges will want to see more so we can create the feature length version of this story.

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