Short Film: WHEN THE WIND BLOWS, 11min., Thriller

Directed by Benjamin Mason
From director Benjamin Mason of Filmanatix comes a short film When The Wind Blows, a suspenseful thriller about a man (Adam Dent) accustomed to a life of petty crimes who accepts questionable orders from an unknown caller.

Watch the Audience Feedback Video:

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Director Biography – Benjamin Mason

Benjamin Mason is from a small town called Charleston located in West Virginia. At a very young age he fell in love with film. With his dads old video camera he would play around the house filming everything. He then started making amateur films with his friends every summer.
As he got older he began to really learn the art form and studied a lot about cameras and filmmaking from Youtube. Now he owns a film production company (Filmanatix) with his friend where they create compelling commercials for businesses. With this success they now want to start creating more narrative stories whether in short form or in feature films.

Director Statement

Hi, I am happy to be able to submit my first short film into festivals. Although I have created films for my clients I have never actually submitted a film to festivals so I am still learning a lot. I hope the film I submit can be enjoyed and hopefully someone sees the value in it. I love filmmaking and cinema and can’t wait to do it more!

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