Winning Script Reading: MAKWA, by Johnny Cole

A free-spirited indigenous bounty hunter teams up with her ‘by the book’ detective father and their robot sidekick to catch a killer and heal: themselves, each other, and the planet.

In a near-dystopian future, Alaska Rainmaker, a Native American bounty hunter still troubled by her mother’s murder, lives life on the fringes of society. When her father, Jake, a seasoned detective seeks her help to stop a killer, she agrees to join the investigation if he helps her with her mother’s unsolved murder. Knowing the killer’s latest victims share wounds like her mother’s, Alaska forms a theory that an evil spirit based in her culture, may be involved. Meanwhile Jake follows clues in a labyrinth of diverse characters, descending deeper into the city’s dark underbelly. Soon the two face an inevitable truth that lies somewhere between an ancient culture and a postmodern world which includes Alaska embracing her spiritual, ancestral bear medicine known as ‘Makwa’.


Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
Serena: Kyana Teresa
Young Alaska: Hannah Ehman

By thrillersuspense

Monthly Film and Writing Festival showcasing the best of the Thriller/Suspense Genre.

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