Classic Video: “I’ll Show you Out of Order” – Scent of a Woman

Matthew Toffolo's Summary

Marked as the final scene of the entertaining film “Scent of a Woman”. A remarkable speech by Pacino who delivers amazing lines like “I’ll take a flamethrower to this place.” and “This is such a crock of shit.” He’s a blind man so he simply sits in his chair for 5 minutes and chats with the full assembly of private school boys and the faculty. And he’s got them in the palm of his hand as the cliche goes. Some interesting reaction shots by the boy he’s protecting, Charlie (Chris O’Donnell), and the boy, George Willis Jr., he needs to take down to protect Charlie (a very young Phillip Seymour Hoffman plays this role. Go back and watch this film from the beginning. Hoffman has some terrific moments.) Charlie won’t rat on George because Charlie has a moral code. Ironically not the code he learned at the big private school…

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