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July 2013 Reading
Written by Kevin Gebhard

festival posterTHE WHEEL OF TIME

12min, Turkey, Thriller/Future

1st Scene Reading of FACSIMILE
September 2015 Reading
Written by Gary Makin

October 2015 Reading
Written by Eric Boyd

Written by CP Munro

February 2015 Reading
Written by Kim Godfrey

September 2015 Reading
Written by Marc W. Johnson

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I was very moved and excited by watching the feedback video. It’s so amazing to see how people react.
– Erich Steiner, (Short Film, In the Still of the Night)

I truly believe that a table read is the next best thing in seeing my script on the big screen — so I entered my new thriller “The Devil’s Larceny.”
– Howard Fridkin, (Feature Script, The Devil’s Larceny)

I always thought that once a film is finished (or abandoned, as someone said once…), it no longer belongs to the filmmakers – it belongs to the audience. This festival is the perfect illustration of that. I very much appreciate the fact that your audience took the time to watch MEDIATION in the first place, and then chose to stay after the screening to discuss it. As a writer-director, I couldn’t ask for more – if there is an audience that cares enough to talk about a film I wrote and directed, then I’ve done my job.
– Francisco Lorite (Mediation Short Film)

I had heard rumors the feedback was genuine, and it did NOT disappoint. It helped me get to what you are about to watch and enjoy!
– Marc W Johnson (Legacy, Feature Film)

It was amazing to see the audience interact with the film. As a short filmmaker you rarely get the opportunity to get that much of detailed feedback from an audience. The general statement “It looks beautiful, but what the hell is going on” didn’t come as that much of a surprise as it is similar to reactions we received from other audiences 🙂 However, I myself enjoy films (or any piece of art for that matter) where there is lots of room for personal interpretation. So it is not that much about the intention of the writer or director, but more about what the audience makes of it for themselves. So in that sense I very much enjoyed the different interpretations and speculations concerning the story.
– Daniel Reimer, (Short Film, Bell Tower Enigma)

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September 2015 Reading
Written by Marc W. Johnson

1st Scene Reading of FACSIMILE
September 2015 Reading
Written by Gary Makin

Novel Transcript: NORTH HALL
September 2015 Reading
by Julian Lev

Novel Transcript: DRACONUM
September 2015 Reading
by Sebastian Halford

Thriller Feature Screenplay Winning Reading – BESA, by Michael Miceli

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Genres: Mob, Thriller, Suspense, Family, Drama, Violence,

Besa is the story of a loyal Italian father, forced to defend his son who has inadvertently sparked a New York mob war between Sicilian and Albanian crime families.


NARRATOR – Sedina Fiati
Gino – Peter Nelson
Ilir – Roman Spera
Uke – Jarrid Terrell
Carmine Jr. – Robert Notman
Valbona – Erynn Brook
Valbona – Steve Rizzo

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EDGE: EAST WIND IN PARADISE – Chapter 2 Reading by Carl Jackson

Reading performed by actress Maya Woloszyn

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