Thriller Feature Screenplay Winning Reading – BESA, by Michael Miceli

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Genres: Mob, Thriller, Suspense, Family, Drama, Violence,

Besa is the story of a loyal Italian father, forced to defend his son who has inadvertently sparked a New York mob war between Sicilian and Albanian crime families.


NARRATOR – Sedina Fiati
Gino – Peter Nelson
Ilir – Roman Spera
Uke – Jarrid Terrell
Carmine Jr. – Robert Notman
Valbona – Erynn Brook
Valbona – Steve Rizzo

Watch Audience FEEDBACK of FOUND FOOTAGE Short Film

Found Footage played at the March 2014 FEEDBACK Film Festival.

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video from the Festival:

A Thriller/Drama/Reality
12min, from Toronto, Canada
Directed by Dan Slater
Produced by Mitch Cappe

The modern twist to the Thriller/Horror genre where the audience watches video camera footage that was found after the events that took place.


Chris and Michelle, two ordinary first year university students living in residence find themselves caught in a struggle between love, life and survival…all caught on Chris’s camera.

CHRIS – Sam Earle
MICHELLE – Vanessa Smythe
DAVE – Adam Booth
STACEY – Maddie Fordham
BECCA – Kristen Gravelle


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