THRILLER Festival Testimonial – March 22 2019

Matthew Steggles

It’s rare to get a group of strangers talk openly about your film, what a valuable experience! This really is worth the entry fee!

The team’s communication is fantastic and they are very supportive of the filmmakers. They have also created some great marketing material for my film which is always a bonus, this has boosted my film on social media.

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THRILLER Festival Testimonial – March 19 2019

My short film Lucy was accepted at Wildsound Festival back in 2016 with quite good feedback and live audience commentary so I’ve known the organisation in general. Looking forward to visiting Canada and attending live at some point…

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Genre: Horror, Mystery, Drama

Logline: Jeff, his fiancee Helena and his brother Mark get lost on their way back from a friends wedding As they try to look for help they meet Jack at an eerie roadside motel. But things are not what they seem and Jack explains someone has already been left behind. They must decide who will be the one after Jack forces them to reveal a terrible secret.


Elena – 30 – Brittany Clough
Jack – 36 – Ron Boyd
NARRATION – Anne McMaster
Mark – 25 – Rhys Harrison
Jeff – 41 – Hugh Ritchie

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THRILLER Festival Testimonial – March 5 2019

I was intrigued that they drilled down into the thematic content of the project because that was what was most important to me. There were some intelligent, well-considered observations that made me feel like, ah, perhaps we did our job as film makers that our work prompted such a response. Myself and my lead actress did chuckle about the guy who didn’t feel it was plausible for a small girl to beat up an adult male. That was rather the point of the film, when a woman wants something, you need to be a powerhouse to stop her!

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AMBER, 14min, USA, Thriller/Drama
Directed by Andi OshoA teen fan fiction writer takes her boyband obsession too far in a twisted, late night confrontation with the object of her desires.

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THRILLER Festival Testimonial – February 27 2019

It’s a very nice festival

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First you use machines; then you wear machines; then you… A message splattered on the subway walls fifty years ago and now, today, the battle cry of the anti-techno revolution.


Michael – Malcolm Allcorn
Male #2 – Brogan Caulfield
Narration – Bree Ali
Bromm – Ted Power
Female – Katelyn Varadi
Announcer – Danielle Nicole


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THRILLER Festival Testimonial – January 14 2019

 Producer David E. M. Maire (THE HOBBYIST)

First thing I did was share the URL with my parents hahaha It was thrilling to watch, and pinned a huge grin on my face. The audience was very kind, and I was quite happy they enjoyed the concept and positive message so much.

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