THRILLER Festival Testimonial – January 14 2019

 Producer David E. M. Maire (THE HOBBYIST)

First thing I did was share the URL with my parents hahaha It was thrilling to watch, and pinned a huge grin on my face. The audience was very kind, and I was quite happy they enjoyed the concept and positive message so much.

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THRILLER Festival Testimonial – January 9 2019


I was excited to potentially have the unique perspective to see my words come alive off of the tongues of actual actors, and a Narrator.

After already submitting a script, prior to this current story, Jimmy, I missed the mark for developing a solid short script. So, I decided to find a new script to focus on each, and every detailed critique from my last script, and applied those notes to Jimmy. Voila!

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Log Line: The story of Al Capone being haunted by a victim from the Saint Valentines Day Massacre, Jimmy, the ghost who torments the infamous gangster into insanity.

Writer: Michael Aliotti


Type: Short Screenplay


Prisoner #3: Rhys Harrison
Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
Alphonse: Jarrod Terrill
Jimmy: Kirk Gordon


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THRILLER Festival Testimonial – November 29 2018

I truly believe that a table read is the next best thing in seeing my script on the big screen — so I entered my new thriller “The Devil’s Larceny.” 
– Howard Fridkin, (Feature Script, The Devil’s Larceny)


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THRILLER Festival Testimonial – October 28 2018

Thank you very much for taking the time and giving an extensive feedback. I am happy that I know now what parts to check and correct.
– Sonja K.

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THRILLER Festival Testimonial – October 25 2018

 Screenwriter Iannis Aliferis (Samantha Rutledge PI, A Killer Case)

As a writer and filmmaker, it is important to get your writing and work out there for people to view, and this festival looked like a good opportunity for that. The initial feedback has been largely positive and this has been a good experience.

It is the story of a bored and jaded female private-eye, who takes on another seemingly open and shut case of infidelity, only to put herself in grave danger when it turns out that the cheating spouse is in fact a professional killer.

Genre: Crime, Thriller.

Type: Feature Screenplay.


Samantha: Mandy May Cheetham

Narrator: Adrian Currie

Henry: John Leung

Waitress: Anjelica Alejandro

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Thriller Festival Testimonial – October 24 2018

Debasree Banerjee (GERALDINE HALL)

Los Angeles, for someone who is living maybe, more than 8K Miles away, is synonymous with Hollywood, which is again another name for the factory of Dreams, that has enthralled and enticed most of us, sometime during our lives. It was therefore my desire to submit my script to the seat of my inspiration, i.e. Los Angeles. Moreover, the additional allure of having a professional feedback, was something the couldn’t be overlooked. But to be frank, I never expected such a thorough feedback, which clearly showed that someone had actually taken the pains of having read and re-read my script! Neither did I expect such a prompt response. I’m very happy to have learnt about your film festival, and look forward to submitting my other scripts as well.

‘Geraldine Hall’ is a Gothic Horror Fiction script, that emphasises on the unease of two orphan children, a brother and sister, as they’re adopted to Geraldine Hall, and the terror into which it quickly changes.


Charlie: Liam Kinahan
Stuart: John Leung
Narrator: Adrian Currie
Miss Bethany: Anjelica Alejandro
Mary Ann: Mandy May Cheetham

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