Short Film: SUSHI NIGHT, 9min, USA, Horror


96977d9aad posterAfter having a dinner date, Stan realizes his love interest Rachel is a psychopath obsessed with sushi and she begins to torture him.

  • Genres:
  • Runtime:
    9 minutes 6 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    February 10, 2020
  • Production Budget:
    1,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Country of Filming:
    United States
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:

Director Biography – Ryan Jackson (FROM SHADOW)

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Ryan Jackson is a Writer, Director with an interest in the thriller genre, and supernatural themes. He graduated The NZ Film School in 2007, and has Co Written, Co Starred and Directed the Comedy Web Series (Mount Doom) has Written and Directed the short thriller (From Shadow) and Co stars in the upcoming NZ feature (The Tavern)

Short Film: FROM SHADOW, 20min., New Zealand, Horror/Thriller

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A police officer investigating disappearances and a Dog ranger with a tragic past discover their small town holds a dark secret. A long list of missing persons cases dating back decades and a mass shooting with no motive could be connected. There is something wrong with the people of Pine Falls, Something old, Something evil.

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Director Biography – George A. Velez (EAVESDROPPING)

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George A. Velez is a New York based filmmaker and actor. As a director, George has directed content for fashion designer, Jerome Lamaar. George’s narrative short films, Mr. E, P.I. and Eavesdropping have played at numerous festivals and won awards.
In addition to writing, directing, and acting, he has produced Like Salt , which enjoyed critical acclaim and award wins on the festival circuit. George has produced videos in collaboration with Black Thought from The Roots, Warner Bros., NBCUniversal, and 21st Century Fox.
George has taught film at the Columbia Discovery Center at Columbia University and is currently teaching screenwriting and directing at the Ghetto Film School.

Director Statement

I got the idea to make “Eavesdropping” when I heard my neighbor yelling “You had that bitch in our bed?” through the walls. There was a lot of anger and pain in her voice. She even yelled to her husband, “I should kill you.” And I thought what would happen if she did?

A common theme in all my work is that I take a relationship and examine it through a genre that everyone is familiar with. The genre is used as a lens to explore the complexities of these relationships; to explore the emotional pain and trauma of the characters. In this case, we explore mistrust, infidelity, and the struggle to communicate.

The goal of any film is to entertain but it’s always wonderful if a film pushes past that entertainment factor and causes the audience to feel something or self-reflect.


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Born in 1993, India based filmmaker Amritanshu has done his majors in Literature from University of Delhi, and later studied Journalism. He went on to develop his filmmaking skills at LV Prasad Film and TV Academy, Chennai.
Past exposure towards theatre along with literature during his student years formed the crux of his creative journey. In 2017, his first film ‘Balloons of Desire/Chahat ke Gubbare’ won the Best Short Film award at the prestigious Kolkata International Film Festival ‘17 and University Filmmakers Competition ‘18 by Filmmakers Without Borders. The film has also been officially selected in Delhi International Film Festival, Cut-In Student’s Film Festival, International Inter-University Short Film Festival by Dhaka University Film Society. His film has been internationally recognized by Film Aid where it was played in the world’s largest refugee camp, Dadaab refugee Camp; Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya.
His documentary ‘Grey’, too has been screened in Indian film festivals such as KASHISH Mumbai Queer Film Festival and Out and Loud Pune International Queer Film Festival.

Currently working as an independent filmmaker, his second film ‘Aghatit’ has started its festival journey. Apart from being a filmmaker, he is also working on his debut novel.

Director Biography – Josh Wood (DOWN DELORO RIVER)

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Josh Wood is the writer, director, editor, and colourist of Down Deloro River. He has been interested in telling stories as well as had a passion for film since he was young. Josh has an interest for North American history and is highlighting the mysterious events that took place in 1912 after the 1866 Ontario gold rush in his new short thriller, Down Deloro River.

Short Film: AQUARIUM, 15min., Italy, Crime/Thriller


Db6a7173b2 posterTwo human beings, far one from the other, meet: the first and carefree day at the swimming pool, the last and dramatic step of a massacre’s plan.

Will To Live: The Gary Edinger Story Short Film, Audience FEEDBACK from WILDsound Festival June 2020

WILL TO LIVE: THE GARY EDINGER STORY, 17min., Canada, Documentary/Thriller
Directed by Adam Foss

In 2007, on a fateful February day, in the remote Northern Wisconsin woods, a solo independent logger named Gary Edinger severed his left leg off while felling a tree. Twenty miles from help, alone, and in forty below temperatures, Gary summoned a remarkable willpower and crawled to his pickup, then drove to safety. Gary’s struggle for survival, however, didn’t begin on that frigid winter day in the hardwoods. His whole life had been forged from adversity, rising above a meager upbringing and brushes with death as he learned to hunt, trap and fish alone, on his own terms.

Wake Short Film, Audience FEEDBACK from the Thriller/Suspense Festival June 2020

WAKE, 6min., USA, Thriller/Horror
Directed by Brandon Bacall Tehrani

Divorce can be a costly and tiresome process. After receiving a mysterious visitor in the middle of the night, one woman discovers alternate ways to get rid of her husband…

Near Kepler Short Film, Audience FEEDBACK from the Thriller/Suspense Festival June 2020

NEAR KEPLER, 18min., Germany, Sci-Fi/Thriller
Directed by Laura Matt

After a one year job on a far away planet space traveller Jo experiences a bumpy incident during his flight back to Earth. His board computer Deborah claims she has everything under control. But is that true?