Director Biography – George A. Velez (EAVESDROPPING)

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George A. Velez is a New York based filmmaker and actor. As a director, George has directed content for fashion designer, Jerome Lamaar. George’s narrative short films, Mr. E, P.I. and Eavesdropping have played at numerous festivals and won awards.
In addition to writing, directing, and acting, he has produced Like Salt , which enjoyed critical acclaim and award wins on the festival circuit. George has produced videos in collaboration with Black Thought from The Roots, Warner Bros., NBCUniversal, and 21st Century Fox.
George has taught film at the Columbia Discovery Center at Columbia University and is currently teaching screenwriting and directing at the Ghetto Film School.

Director Statement

I got the idea to make “Eavesdropping” when I heard my neighbor yelling “You had that bitch in our bed?” through the walls. There was a lot of anger and pain in her voice. She even yelled to her husband, “I should kill you.” And I thought what would happen if she did?

A common theme in all my work is that I take a relationship and examine it through a genre that everyone is familiar with. The genre is used as a lens to explore the complexities of these relationships; to explore the emotional pain and trauma of the characters. In this case, we explore mistrust, infidelity, and the struggle to communicate.

The goal of any film is to entertain but it’s always wonderful if a film pushes past that entertainment factor and causes the audience to feel something or self-reflect.

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