Director Bio: Lola Rùi (THE DOOR)

Director Biography – Lola Rùi

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Lola Rùi studied Acting at Jorge Eines Art Studio in Madrid, and the Susan Batson Studio in New York City. She has been creating Art in every form since the age of 5. She trained in ballet at the Margot Fontaine Royal Academy in Madrid, and performed Alice in Wonderland in The Alcalá Palace Theater at the age of 7. She moved her Artistic Spirit to painting. Her work as a painter continues which has inspired her to extend her Artistic Expression to creating stories. She wrote her first play “De mente” which won the Prize to be represented at Microteatro in Spain. Her One Woman Show that she wrote and starred in “ Mary Magdalene” opened  at The Historical 13th Street Theater in New York City. She recently finished two films in New York “ El Barrio”  and  “ Judgment before Judgment”, directed by James Augustus Lee. She is very excited to present the short film “The Door” her first work as Director.


Director BIOS: Nina Gerstenhaber, Jessica Stanley (THE ROSE GARDEN)

Director Biography – Nina Gerstenhaber, Jessica Stanley

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Nina Gerstenhaber
I was born on April 10, 1994 in Paris, France. My family and I moved to Israel when I was 13 and I then moved to America to study animation. I grew up drawing, watching movies and reading books, so I pretty much always knew that I had a passion for storytelling and the entertainment industry. I always loved to draw but the movie that really made me want to do animation is Spirited Away. I remember that this was the first movie that made me notice the character animation and how great and subtle it was. After my military service, where I worked as a graphic designer, I wanted to move to America to study animation. I looked up the top colleges for CG animation and found Ringling College of Art and Design. During my time at Ringling I have gained tremendous experience and exposure to the field of animation and received hands-on training through various projects. After my graduation, I would like to keep evolving in an inspiring environment where I can continue to develop my skills and grow as an artist.

Jessica Stanley
Jessica was born August 24, 1996 and grew up in The Woodlands, Tx. From the moment she could pick up a crayon she was always drawing. Throughout school she drew comics and wrote short stories. Thanks to her cinephile father, she was raised with a TV always playing a movie, and was constantly absorbing films. Some of her greatest influences from this time were Spirited away, The Dark Knight, and Amelie. In high school she chose to combine her two loves- drawing and film- and pursue a career in animation. Ringling was the next logical step for her.

While she is constantly looking to expand and change up her artistic sensibilities, she is currently highly influenced by fables, Miyazaki, and Brad Bird. She hopes that with each work she creates she pulls the audience into a fantastic world and relieve them of the real one for a brief moment. She
hopes that through viewing her work, the audience could learn more about themselves and become better people and a population as a whole.

Jessica has taken online courses outside of her Ringling education to further her studies including courses at Concept Design Academy and CG Master Academy. In the summer of 2017, Jessica was a story intern at Pixar Animation studios. Her group’s senior film was chosen as part of the Best of Ringling senior Computer Animation films.

After graduation, Jessica hopes to be a storyboard artist at a feature film studio and travel in her free time. She enjoys baking, finding obscure indie bands, and brewing rare teas.

Director Statement

This film was created with an intent to guide the audience through a whimsical journey that proves in the end to only be a distraction for the real message of the film. It was heavily inspired by fables and folk tales and the elegant simplicity of their messages. Fables long history in storytelling and universality of their messages resonated with us- few stories are universally known but fairy tales and folk tales have survived centuries- and our film was built to be a homage to them. The film aiming to create a modern fairy tale- following the tropes and structure of fairy tales while introducing modern design, setting and character elements.
We felt the short film format was perfect for short, simple universal messages, perfect for the fairy

Director BIO: Rocky Ramsey (MISCREANT)

Director Biography – Rocky Ramsey

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Rocky Ramsey was born in San Francisco, CA and raised in Oakland, CA. Rocky was the first male in his family to receive a College Degree – USC School of Cinematic Arts for Film and Television Production, 2015. After Graduation, Rocky began Producing and 1st Assistant Directing music videos for various labels such as Ultra Records.

Due to his extreme sports background, Rocky began doing stunts in the industry – boxing, skydiving, motocross, driving cars, surfing, and snowboarding. Now directing, writing, and producing, Rocky Ramsey has a fantastic understanding and awareness for stunts when it comes to creating his films.

Director Statement

This is my directors debut, I wrote this film as a student at USC – I directed, wrote, produced, and stunt coordinated this film. Currently, I am in the process of expanding this short into a feature length movie.

Director BIOS: Bevin Hamilton, Rachael Murphy (INCALL)

Director Biography – Bevin Hamilton , Rachael Murphy

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(Director/Writer) Bevin is an Actress, Singer/Songwriter and Dancer, from Kansas. Her raw talent and stage presence were recognized early on, when at age seven, she landed her first professional theatrical role in “Singing In The Rain”. The theatre continued to be a platform for her artistic expression and would eventually bring her to Los Angeles where she performed leading roles in workshopped productions for playwrights Lee Blessing & Vince Melocchi. She later took to directing herself, in an Israel Horowitz’s production of “Stage Directions”. Today, Bevin’s acting resume boasts not only theatre credits, but wide experience in television, commercials, musical reviews and film. Most recently, she can be seen in Eric Stoltz’s “Confession of a Teenage Jesus Jerk”.
As a Singer/Songwriter, she has toured and/or collaborated with Artists such as Jimmy Cliff, Motley Crue, Tim Armstrong and James Michael. Her solo career is also burgeoning following the release of her EP titled “Filters and Frames” (on iTunes); so much so, she is currently recording her second album.
Bevin is thrilled to announce “Incall” as her directorial film debut and feels blessed to work with her talented friend and writing partner Rachael Murphy.

(Director/Writer) Rachael is an Australian-born Actress, Model and aspiring Director, living in Los Angeles. Her passion for performing arts began at a young age, starting with Physical Culture, when she was only four. At 17, she became an Australian Physical Culture champion and was awarded an Australian sports medal for outstanding achievement.
A social and well-rounded student, Rachael traveled aboard to study advertising and marketing communication on scholarship at Pepperdine University before realizing her place was on set, rather than behind a desk. Rachael has had the good fortune of working with distinguished actors and directors including the likes of Eli Roth, Henry Thomas, Margaret O’Brien, Darren Aronofsky, Fruit Chan and Kathryn Bigelow. She has appeared in various feature films and TV shows such as “Don’t Look Up”, “Iron Man 2”, “Nowhere Else”, “America’s Most Smartest Model”, “Nip/Tuck” and “Two and a Half Men”. Between theatrical projects she has shot national commercials and print ads for Absolut, Bibigo, Colgate, Garnier, Google, Honda, JC Penny, Kelly Van Gogh, Little Tikes, Macintosh, Marshalls, Maybelline, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi Electronics, Old Navy and Revlon.
“Incall” will be her directorial debut and she is currently in pre-production for an upcoming feature film.


Director Statement


Two (pretty) heads are better than one. By learning to combine our unique insights we’ve enhanced our individual creativity. We may be more different than we are alike on the surface, but our passion for dynamic storytelling and love of cinema connects us on a meaningful level; one that satisfies our craving to create and make sense of our world. We each bring our knowledge, perspectives and personalities to our art; where our combined imaginations, experiences and tastes meld & flourish into something novel and beautiful. This is because, like many dynamic duos, we think in terms of “we”. We’re a team; we support and trust one another and we value honesty, constructive conflict, appreciation, adaptability and harmony.
As a female directing team we are proudly persevering in this climate of change and look forward to finding long term career support from the establishment and our peers.

Director BIO: Erik Bloomquist, Carson Bloomquist (SHE CAME FROM THE WOODS)

Director Biography – Erik Bloomquist, Carson Bloomquist

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Erik Bloomquist is a two-time New England Emmy® Award winner (Outstanding Director and Outstanding Writer), eight-time nominee, and Top 200 Director on HBO’s Project Greenlight. His nationally syndicated series, The Cobblestone Corridor (for which Erik served as creator, showrunner, writer, director, and lead actor) is the winner of three New England Emmy® Awards and recipient of nine nominations. His critically acclaimed short films have played internationally on television, at festivals, and on demand.

Theatrically, Erik has directed at prominent regional and educational institutions across the country including Ivoryton Playhouse, Ozark Actors Theatre, Priscilla Beach Theatre, Clark University, and Trinity College. A member of Actors’ Equity Association, his stage acting credits include the American premiere of Calendar Girls at the Ivoryton Playhouse and the world premiere of Rear Window at Hartford Stage (starring Kevin Bacon and directed by Darko Tresnjak).

Erik has served as adjunct Faculty at Trinity College, Artist-in-Residence at Avon Old Farms School, and Visiting Artist at Miss Porter’s School and St. Andrew’s School in Boca Raton, FL. His debut feature, Long Lost, is currently in post-production.

Director Statement

SHE CAME FROM THE WOODS is inspired by our early influences — particularly Nickelodeon’s ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK?. This show awakened our imaginations, fostering a feeling of boundless possibilities and heightened sensory experiences. Our passion for these things has been ever-presents since childhood. It is a feeling that we hope to evoke in audiences — reminding them that sometimes there is nothing more fun than a good old-fashioned campfire story.

Director BIO: Joffrey Saintrapt (LIVING WITH A MONSTER)

Director Biography

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Born in France, Joffrey discovered his passion for cinema at an early age and began working on film sets and directing his own films while in film school. In 2003, he graduated with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Film and Television Studies from the European Institute of Cinema & Audiovisual, Nancy, France.

From 2003 to 2011, Joffrey’s professional pursuits lead him to live and work back and forth between France and Canada, primarily as a Freelance Editor and Cameraman. Notable engagements include Editor for the television channel Téva (Groupe M6), Cameraman and Editor for CNN’s Paris Bureau (FRANCE), Editor at TVO’s French-language channel TFO, Editor at the National Film Board of Canada, and Director of Photography on two season of a music TV show for Unis TV (CANADA). During this time, Joffrey expands his skill set by collaborating with lighting departments via his volunteer work on Canadian Film Centre film sets.

In 2012, Joffrey settles permanently in Toronto, Canada. He continues his freelance work with TFO and NFB, while deepening his professional skills via numerous Producer and Director roles. Leveraging his DOP and editing expertise, Joffrey produces and directs short films Made in Paris and Phoenix the Last Wild Man.

He co-founds the Toronto collective French Connection Films, developing a number of shorts and dance film projects. In 2014 Joffrey directs The Car, and assumes the Assistant Director and Editor role on Tyler Parr’s internationally acclaimed award-winning short Ironied. In 2015 he writes and directs Made in Montréal, a film tacking the issue of racism, which wins numerous international film festival awards.

Driven by the pursuit of new challenges, in 2017 Joffrey seizes the opportunity to refine his vision as short film Director by addressing social and mental health issues via the silent film Living with a Monster. In this film, alcoholism is embodied by a monster, a supernatural representation of the demons living inside all of us.

Joffrey continues to explore societal issue via his writing, directing and production work. He is currently working on the production of an 8-issue web series in the form of fantastic tales about mental health issues, addictions and phobias, shot as silent films.

Director BIO: Tom Botchii Skowronksi (GOLDBLOODED)

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Tom Botchii Skowronski is an award winning director specializing in dark, psychological thrillers that center around violent, personal stories. He believes in attaching heavy self experience into each story he tells. Raised as part of the only immigrant family in a small town, his very different upbringing lead to escapism through creativity.

He currently lives in Los Angeles surrounded by broken dreams.

Director Statement

Goldblooded is really a study about greed. We’re always fighting over something – If it’s not money, it’s oil, if it’s not oil, it’s water – well, why not blood? When Sam approached me with the idea it really lined up with the type of intensity I wanted to bring into a story. It’s a thriller, with some nods to the dark film noir realm. The main center piece being; if we knew we have discovered the ultimate goldmine, what would we do to protect it? And for that matter, what would others do to take it? This short is our proof of concept for a feature that expands this idea into a much larger platform. It’s also another way to make something aesthetically pleasing, that’s not meant to be.