Director BIO: John Gray (THE DESECRATED)

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John Gray is a New York based writer-director. He created the long running hit CBS series GHOST WHISPERER, as well as writing and directing many award winning and critically acclaimed movies for television, such as MARTIN AND LEWIS, starring Sean Hayes and Jeremy Northam, A PLACE FOR ANNIE with Sissy Spacek, HAVEN with Natasha Richardson and Anne Bancroft, and many others. He has also written and directed several studio and independent features, including the award winning WHITE IRISH DRINKERS, starring Stephen Lang and Karren Allen, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival.


Director Biography – Jasper Bronkhorst (BLOODBURN)

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Went from journalism and photography to many other jobs and experiences, like running a nightclub and owning a restaurant, all the way up to the moment that I felt I was punched enough in the face by life to even consider going into cinema.


Director Statement


“When we go to a play we expect a heightened, stylized language; the dull realism of the streets is unendurably boring, though we may escape to the nearest bar to listen to the same language with relief. Better life than art imitating life.”

– Pauline Kael, Trash, Art and the Movies.

Director Biography – Robbie Lemieux (THE WOODS)

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Robbie is a film and video producer and director based in New York City. Robbie studied Film & Television at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, and graduated in 2015. He produces fashion/lifestyle videos and television programming for Videofashion – the world’s longest-running fashion-focused production company. He also produces short films and music videos.
Robbie has written and directed a number of short films. “The Woods” premiered at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival on October 13th, and is a proof-of-concept for a feature horror film of the same name, which is currently in the fundraising stage.


Director Statement
“The Woods” is both a standalone short, and a proof-of-concept/teaser for a feature film, which is currently in development.

In this short horror film, a mother is thrust into a nightmare scenario after witnessing her daughter wander off into the forest with a strange man. The film takes place during the day, intentionally. There’s no stylized lighting or creepy locations. Through the cinematography and design, the space was made to feel familiar and peaceful, and my hope was that this false sense of security would make the horror that ensues all the more terrifying.

The short film borrows thematic and stylistic ideas from the feature film, which is more character-driven and focuses on a divorced couple who — while vacationing at an isolated cabin retreat — struggle to save their children from an unknown fate after an inexplicable evil lures them into the woods. It’s a film about how fear can bring out the worst in people, specifically the fear of the unknown — the sort of fear that comes from seeing a loved one wander into the woods toward and unknown fate, and not understanding why they did it, what’s out there, or why you’ve been left behind.

Director Bio: Lola Rùi (THE DOOR)

Director Biography – Lola Rùi

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Lola Rùi studied Acting at Jorge Eines Art Studio in Madrid, and the Susan Batson Studio in New York City. She has been creating Art in every form since the age of 5. She trained in ballet at the Margot Fontaine Royal Academy in Madrid, and performed Alice in Wonderland in The Alcalá Palace Theater at the age of 7. She moved her Artistic Spirit to painting. Her work as a painter continues which has inspired her to extend her Artistic Expression to creating stories. She wrote her first play “De mente” which won the Prize to be represented at Microteatro in Spain. Her One Woman Show that she wrote and starred in “ Mary Magdalene” opened  at The Historical 13th Street Theater in New York City. She recently finished two films in New York “ El Barrio”  and  “ Judgment before Judgment”, directed by James Augustus Lee. She is very excited to present the short film “The Door” her first work as Director.

Director BIOS: Nina Gerstenhaber, Jessica Stanley (THE ROSE GARDEN)

Director Biography – Nina Gerstenhaber, Jessica Stanley

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Nina Gerstenhaber
I was born on April 10, 1994 in Paris, France. My family and I moved to Israel when I was 13 and I then moved to America to study animation. I grew up drawing, watching movies and reading books, so I pretty much always knew that I had a passion for storytelling and the entertainment industry. I always loved to draw but the movie that really made me want to do animation is Spirited Away. I remember that this was the first movie that made me notice the character animation and how great and subtle it was. After my military service, where I worked as a graphic designer, I wanted to move to America to study animation. I looked up the top colleges for CG animation and found Ringling College of Art and Design. During my time at Ringling I have gained tremendous experience and exposure to the field of animation and received hands-on training through various projects. After my graduation, I would like to keep evolving in an inspiring environment where I can continue to develop my skills and grow as an artist.

Jessica Stanley
Jessica was born August 24, 1996 and grew up in The Woodlands, Tx. From the moment she could pick up a crayon she was always drawing. Throughout school she drew comics and wrote short stories. Thanks to her cinephile father, she was raised with a TV always playing a movie, and was constantly absorbing films. Some of her greatest influences from this time were Spirited away, The Dark Knight, and Amelie. In high school she chose to combine her two loves- drawing and film- and pursue a career in animation. Ringling was the next logical step for her.

While she is constantly looking to expand and change up her artistic sensibilities, she is currently highly influenced by fables, Miyazaki, and Brad Bird. She hopes that with each work she creates she pulls the audience into a fantastic world and relieve them of the real one for a brief moment. She
hopes that through viewing her work, the audience could learn more about themselves and become better people and a population as a whole.

Jessica has taken online courses outside of her Ringling education to further her studies including courses at Concept Design Academy and CG Master Academy. In the summer of 2017, Jessica was a story intern at Pixar Animation studios. Her group’s senior film was chosen as part of the Best of Ringling senior Computer Animation films.

After graduation, Jessica hopes to be a storyboard artist at a feature film studio and travel in her free time. She enjoys baking, finding obscure indie bands, and brewing rare teas.

Director Statement

This film was created with an intent to guide the audience through a whimsical journey that proves in the end to only be a distraction for the real message of the film. It was heavily inspired by fables and folk tales and the elegant simplicity of their messages. Fables long history in storytelling and universality of their messages resonated with us- few stories are universally known but fairy tales and folk tales have survived centuries- and our film was built to be a homage to them. The film aiming to create a modern fairy tale- following the tropes and structure of fairy tales while introducing modern design, setting and character elements.
We felt the short film format was perfect for short, simple universal messages, perfect for the fairy

Director BIO: Rocky Ramsey (MISCREANT)

Director Biography – Rocky Ramsey

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Rocky Ramsey was born in San Francisco, CA and raised in Oakland, CA. Rocky was the first male in his family to receive a College Degree – USC School of Cinematic Arts for Film and Television Production, 2015. After Graduation, Rocky began Producing and 1st Assistant Directing music videos for various labels such as Ultra Records.

Due to his extreme sports background, Rocky began doing stunts in the industry – boxing, skydiving, motocross, driving cars, surfing, and snowboarding. Now directing, writing, and producing, Rocky Ramsey has a fantastic understanding and awareness for stunts when it comes to creating his films.

Director Statement

This is my directors debut, I wrote this film as a student at USC – I directed, wrote, produced, and stunt coordinated this film. Currently, I am in the process of expanding this short into a feature length movie.