Watch Video Pitch for the Thriller Novel “The Decision”

Watch Video Pitch for THE DECISION, Novel by C.P. Munro

A man sells his heart and soul for monetary reasons believing his life is going to change for the better. He cold-heartedly takes what he feels he deserves regardless of whose well-being he tampers with. Little does he know what karma lies ahead? He’ll face the ultimate sacrifice. To take what he never earned in the first place, or save a young woman from a depleting life in prison, a woman he discovers is his twin sister, a sister he never knew about. What will be engaging is what will he do? And what will be the outcome afterwards.


Deadline November 30th for Thriller/Suspense Film and Writing Festival:

Watch 1st Chapter of THE DECISION, Thriller Novel by C.P. Munro

Deadline October 10th for Thriller/Suspense Novel Festival

Watch the 1st Chapter Reading of THE DECISION:

STORY Read By – Jason Martorino

Best Scene Novel genre: Romance, Suspense, Drama


Raised by a poverty-stricken family in Granville, Ohio, Joseph Hall has been poor his entire life. Frustrated at how little his life has offered him, he turns to dreams to get him through his days of want. Now a young man in 1940, he’s ready to settle down with a girl, but even that is settling in his eyes. He wants more-but has no idea how he’ll ever be able to rise above his humble beginnings. One fateful day, however, an act of chivalry for Margret, a beautiful heiress, sparks in him a dark ambition to seize what he feels he is owed-and his life begins to change.