VIDEO PITCH for the Thriller: TREASON AND TRIUMPH by Bonnie Toew (Feature Script)

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TREASON AND TRIUMPH by Bonnie Toew (Feature Script) 

(Based on her novel, “The Consummate Traitor,” a story inspired by true events.)

GENRE: Spy / World War II / Dramatic Thriller / History / Romance

TYPE: Feature Screenplay


In World War II, a member of the royal family is a British agent. While on a mission to snatch the atomic formula from Hitler’s grasp, she is betrayed to the Gestapo, and the king sacrifices her best friend to rescue her in a chain reaction of double crosses England wants buried forever.

WGA Registration Number: 1422840

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A man sells his heart and soul for monetary reasons believing his life is going to change for the better. He cold-heartedly takes what he feels he deserves regardless of whose well-being he tampers with. Little does he know what karma lies ahead? He’ll face the ultimate sacrifice. To take what he never earned in the first place, or save a young woman from a depleting life in prison, a woman he discovers is his twin sister, a sister he never knew about. What will be engaging is what will he do? And what will be the outcome afterwards.


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