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STALLED Premiered at the WILDsound March 2014 Film Festival to rave reviews.

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Director’s Statement – Karen Lam

Human violence is an important theme that runs through my work: I’m fascinated by what triggers the most extreme forms of human reaction. I tend to focus my writing and directing on female-centric horror and thrillers, but in the case of STALLED, what attracted me to the script was the examination of violence between men. What would push two seemingly ordinary men to the brink? What factors escalate the violence? What goes through the characters’ minds when things spiral out of control?

I was also interested in the choreography of a fight sequence. So often in films, the fighting feels effortless, it’s almost graceful, and yet what we see on screen seems so far removed from what we witness and experience in real life. I wanted to depict a fight that feels as messy, organic and real as possible, something that really reflected the actions of the characters. For me, action means nothing unless it’s rooted in drama.

Writer’s Statement – David Lewis

I’m fascinated by perception. How researchers say we instantly scan and assess someone within 10 seconds of meeting them. I find myself intimidated by the brawny tattooed males that seem to be everywhere nowadays, for no other reason than they look dangerous.

As far as locations go I’ve always felt underground parking garages to be slightly sinister. Concrete pillars. Blind corners. Darkened recesses. The concrete jungle. Combining the two I was interested in seeing how a businessman would handle himself when dropped into this scenario.

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