Read the best of 2016 THRILLER/SUSPENSE Feature Film Loglines – Part 3

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BEDLAM ON THE RAILS, by Wayne Johnson

FIEND, by Andrew Samuelsen

BED OF LIES, by Lani Aisida

PRIVATE DUDDELS, by Thobias Dhaeyere


THE DELIVERY, by Jayson Amoroso

DEVIL’S ISLAND, by Matthew Riehl

AXPLAR, by Jelena Janjic

CLARION, by PR Mitchell

THORNE, by Sean Williams

OPPRESSED, by Jeff Thompson

ROBOTOPIA, by Chad Bowman

SET FOR LIFE, by Jason Rist

LACUNA, by Steve Walters

A BOY AND HIS SOLDIER, by Spencer Guerrero

BLOODSPITE, by Fleurette M. Van Gulden


LUMP SUM, by Messan Amlon

PRESUMPTION OF GUILT, by Alisha Williams

THE LITTLE GIRL, by Heidi Thatcher-Nalley

By thrillersuspense

Monthly Film and Writing Festival showcasing the best of the Thriller/Suspense Genre.

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