Director BIO: Marvin Nuecklaus (CROSSROADS)

Director Biography – Marvin Nuecklaus

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Marvin began his film career in age of 17 in Muenster, Germany. After an apprenticeship as a media designer, multiple internships at big TV production houses, he started his own film- and media production Motion In Pictures in 2011.
After winning the Firefox Flicks Award at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2013, he decided to study Film at the University of Dortmund, Germany. His application film Wasser-Werke, not only got him into the program but also won the ProAM International Student Competition 2014.
That same year, he decided to continue his studies at the University of California Santa Barbara to gain more of an international point of view and explore the American film market. By the end of this program in 2015, he won the 10-10-10 Film Competition at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival as the first UCSB representative.
Furthermore, he won 2 awards for Best Editing and Best Picture at the Santa Barbara Digital Film Festival and the department of film and media studies award for best cinematography.
In summer 2015, he continued his journey at UCLA Extension for the Directing which he graduated from with his short Crossroads.

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