Director Biography – Seb Cox (TIDE OF GHOSTS)

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With both a passion for film and science, now Physics graduate and secondary school science teacher. I continue to indulge in my passion for film.

Ever since the age of 7 years old, I have not stopped making emotionally driven art as well as exploring the world in a mathematical side.

Director Statement

Self studying film has lead to a lot of experimentation, Tide of Ghosts is a continuation of this. In the film, I wanted to experiment with character connection, focusing more on characters beyond the overall story.

In turn, having a theme and letting the characters write the story for us.

Tide of Ghosts is an exploration in emotional connection between characters which was co-written with lead actor John Black to explore fears, death and friendship and how these are affected in times of complex and emotional decision making.


By thrillersuspense

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