Upcoming Festival: Wednesday Feb. 23rd (Watch for FREE on the WILDsound Streaming Service)

Go to https://www.wildsound.ca/ to watch the festival. Starting at midnight EST on February 23rd.

NOTE: You can download for FREE for 7 days, cancel anytime, and then it’s only $3.99 per month. You’ll also be able to watch a daily festival for the next 2 weeks (and beyond) featuring some top indy short films from around the world. There are also award winning short films to watch anytime.

A showcase of the best new films from around the world today. Make sure you watch the festival as this is a selection of the best of the best in the world. Must watch!


THE LAST CHRISTMAS, 12min., Canada, Horror

Directed by Ryan Port

A mischievous 8-year-old girl unleashes a twisted Christmas nightmare, when her plans to capture Santa Claus go horribly wrong.

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WHEN THEY COME, 11min., Canada, Horror

Directed by Hunter Collins

Vanessa learns that a vengeful and superstitious ex has killed himself and now suspects she may have had a hand in pushing him over the edge. As Vanessa gathers the sombre details, suspicion isn’t the only thing that begins to creep into her world. Filmed in a single, continuous shot, this film stares at the inevitability of consequences, and what happens when they come…

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THE LAST SELFIE, 15min., Italy, Thriller

Directed by Giuseppe Celesia

A group of friends, thirsty by the so-called horror tourism, goes to the Monte Catalfano where a woman died together with her son, plunged into the void because she has gone too far in order to make a selfie worthy of many like on the web. Among friends, a group of four journalists try to find out if it is an accident or a murder. It ‘s just the beginning of a nightmare because’ come to the site will be the victim of a series of phenomena, up to lose the way back home and be forced to spend the night in the woods …

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FIVE POUNDS OF PRESSURE, 14min., Canada, Thriller

Directed by Liam Petite

A despondent man is parked on the side of the road with a gun and a single bullet. As he prepares to take his own life, a young female hitchhiker holds him at knifepoint and demands to get out of town. Her reckless plan is now his ultimate way out.

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AN EYE OF AN EYE, 17min., Hong Kong, Thriller

Directed by Phoenix Shi

An Eye for An Eye is a story about desire. Everyone has desires, and if people do not control their desires, then they may lose himself one day. Zhu Li, who suffers from eye disease, is a restaurant owner. He is a good cook and specializes in roasting pig’s eyes, hoping to cure his eyes. A doctor named Ding Xu is one of his regular customers, and they enjoy working on “special recipes” together. One rainy night, Ding Xu brings in ingredients that lead to a huge secret between the two.

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MOON TALK, 25min., USA, Thriller

Directed by Roberto Jay

An inquisitive woman finds herself trapped in the center of a mysterious young man’s derealization of the world around him and must uncover the catalyst of his mental breakdown before falling victim to his destructive behavior.

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