CONSURGO Short Film – Audience FEEDBACK from the THRILLER May 2018 Festival

CONSURGO, 12min., USA, Thriller/Suspense
Directed by Luigi Comandatore

Shows us that when the need to be something other than what we are, becomes too much to bare, sometimes we choose the extreme solution to our problem. The result can change us forever, but leave us with conflicted feelings that are still too much to bare.

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Director BIO: Luigi Comandatore (CONSURGO)

Director Biography – Luigi Comandatore

Luigi 10k

BIO – Luigi Comandatore, Director/Producer/Writer. Following his study of film at New York University, Italian-born director Luigi Comandatore started working with his mentor, legendary commercial director Bob Giraldi (Beat It, Say Say Say, Dinner Rush). In 2008, Luigi was the founder and Director of Rated Content, a New York based production company, alongside Bob Giraldi, that has since produced a large number of commercial campaigns, documentaries, multi-media projects and short films. In 2014 Luigi founded #FILMS, a production company based in NYC and Milan, that develops and produces international independent film projects. He recently was the executive producer of the feature film The Nearest Human Being (Marco Coppola, Director) and the producer of the film Organic Sleep by (Hasan Can Dagli, Director) presently in postproduction. In June of this year he co-produced the feature film Xau (director Giorgio Cugno) currently filming in China.
Consurgo was Luigi’s last project, a short film shot in NYC starring the renowned Italian actor Nicola Acunzo.
Luigi is currently the producer/director/writer of the feature film, Follow Me, a suspense thriller currently in development, written by Jhon Rivoli, and Guinevere Turner, (American Psycho, The Notorious Bettie Page).
Follow Me will be shot by cinematographer Barry Markowitz (Crazy Hearth, Sling Blade and LBJ), The music will be composed by Sebastian Kauderer (The Secret in Their Eyes).