Director BIO: Joffrey Saintrapt (LIVING WITH A MONSTER)

Director Biography

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Born in France, Joffrey discovered his passion for cinema at an early age and began working on film sets and directing his own films while in film school. In 2003, he graduated with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Film and Television Studies from the European Institute of Cinema & Audiovisual, Nancy, France.

From 2003 to 2011, Joffrey’s professional pursuits lead him to live and work back and forth between France and Canada, primarily as a Freelance Editor and Cameraman. Notable engagements include Editor for the television channel Téva (Groupe M6), Cameraman and Editor for CNN’s Paris Bureau (FRANCE), Editor at TVO’s French-language channel TFO, Editor at the National Film Board of Canada, and Director of Photography on two season of a music TV show for Unis TV (CANADA). During this time, Joffrey expands his skill set by collaborating with lighting departments via his volunteer work on Canadian Film Centre film sets.

In 2012, Joffrey settles permanently in Toronto, Canada. He continues his freelance work with TFO and NFB, while deepening his professional skills via numerous Producer and Director roles. Leveraging his DOP and editing expertise, Joffrey produces and directs short films Made in Paris and Phoenix the Last Wild Man.

He co-founds the Toronto collective French Connection Films, developing a number of shorts and dance film projects. In 2014 Joffrey directs The Car, and assumes the Assistant Director and Editor role on Tyler Parr’s internationally acclaimed award-winning short Ironied. In 2015 he writes and directs Made in Montréal, a film tacking the issue of racism, which wins numerous international film festival awards.

Driven by the pursuit of new challenges, in 2017 Joffrey seizes the opportunity to refine his vision as short film Director by addressing social and mental health issues via the silent film Living with a Monster. In this film, alcoholism is embodied by a monster, a supernatural representation of the demons living inside all of us.

Joffrey continues to explore societal issue via his writing, directing and production work. He is currently working on the production of an 8-issue web series in the form of fantastic tales about mental health issues, addictions and phobias, shot as silent films.

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