Director BIO: Tom Botchii Skowronksi (GOLDBLOODED)

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Tom Botchii Skowronski is an award winning director specializing in dark, psychological thrillers that center around violent, personal stories. He believes in attaching heavy self experience into each story he tells. Raised as part of the only immigrant family in a small town, his very different upbringing lead to escapism through creativity.

He currently lives in Los Angeles surrounded by broken dreams.

Director Statement

Goldblooded is really a study about greed. We’re always fighting over something – If it’s not money, it’s oil, if it’s not oil, it’s water – well, why not blood? When Sam approached me with the idea it really lined up with the type of intensity I wanted to bring into a story. It’s a thriller, with some nods to the dark film noir realm. The main center piece being; if we knew we have discovered the ultimate goldmine, what would we do to protect it? And for that matter, what would others do to take it? This short is our proof of concept for a feature that expands this idea into a much larger platform. It’s also another way to make something aesthetically pleasing, that’s not meant to be.

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