Director BIOS: Bevin Hamilton, Rachael Murphy (INCALL)

Director Biography – Bevin Hamilton , Rachael Murphy

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(Director/Writer) Bevin is an Actress, Singer/Songwriter and Dancer, from Kansas. Her raw talent and stage presence were recognized early on, when at age seven, she landed her first professional theatrical role in “Singing In The Rain”. The theatre continued to be a platform for her artistic expression and would eventually bring her to Los Angeles where she performed leading roles in workshopped productions for playwrights Lee Blessing & Vince Melocchi. She later took to directing herself, in an Israel Horowitz’s production of “Stage Directions”. Today, Bevin’s acting resume boasts not only theatre credits, but wide experience in television, commercials, musical reviews and film. Most recently, she can be seen in Eric Stoltz’s “Confession of a Teenage Jesus Jerk”.
As a Singer/Songwriter, she has toured and/or collaborated with Artists such as Jimmy Cliff, Motley Crue, Tim Armstrong and James Michael. Her solo career is also burgeoning following the release of her EP titled “Filters and Frames” (on iTunes); so much so, she is currently recording her second album.
Bevin is thrilled to announce “Incall” as her directorial film debut and feels blessed to work with her talented friend and writing partner Rachael Murphy.

(Director/Writer) Rachael is an Australian-born Actress, Model and aspiring Director, living in Los Angeles. Her passion for performing arts began at a young age, starting with Physical Culture, when she was only four. At 17, she became an Australian Physical Culture champion and was awarded an Australian sports medal for outstanding achievement.
A social and well-rounded student, Rachael traveled aboard to study advertising and marketing communication on scholarship at Pepperdine University before realizing her place was on set, rather than behind a desk. Rachael has had the good fortune of working with distinguished actors and directors including the likes of Eli Roth, Henry Thomas, Margaret O’Brien, Darren Aronofsky, Fruit Chan and Kathryn Bigelow. She has appeared in various feature films and TV shows such as “Don’t Look Up”, “Iron Man 2”, “Nowhere Else”, “America’s Most Smartest Model”, “Nip/Tuck” and “Two and a Half Men”. Between theatrical projects she has shot national commercials and print ads for Absolut, Bibigo, Colgate, Garnier, Google, Honda, JC Penny, Kelly Van Gogh, Little Tikes, Macintosh, Marshalls, Maybelline, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi Electronics, Old Navy and Revlon.
“Incall” will be her directorial debut and she is currently in pre-production for an upcoming feature film.


Director Statement


Two (pretty) heads are better than one. By learning to combine our unique insights we’ve enhanced our individual creativity. We may be more different than we are alike on the surface, but our passion for dynamic storytelling and love of cinema connects us on a meaningful level; one that satisfies our craving to create and make sense of our world. We each bring our knowledge, perspectives and personalities to our art; where our combined imaginations, experiences and tastes meld & flourish into something novel and beautiful. This is because, like many dynamic duos, we think in terms of “we”. We’re a team; we support and trust one another and we value honesty, constructive conflict, appreciation, adaptability and harmony.
As a female directing team we are proudly persevering in this climate of change and look forward to finding long term career support from the establishment and our peers.

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