Director Biography – Robbie Lemieux (THE WOODS)

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Robbie is a film and video producer and director based in New York City. Robbie studied Film & Television at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, and graduated in 2015. He produces fashion/lifestyle videos and television programming for Videofashion – the world’s longest-running fashion-focused production company. He also produces short films and music videos.
Robbie has written and directed a number of short films. “The Woods” premiered at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival on October 13th, and is a proof-of-concept for a feature horror film of the same name, which is currently in the fundraising stage.


Director Statement
“The Woods” is both a standalone short, and a proof-of-concept/teaser for a feature film, which is currently in development.

In this short horror film, a mother is thrust into a nightmare scenario after witnessing her daughter wander off into the forest with a strange man. The film takes place during the day, intentionally. There’s no stylized lighting or creepy locations. Through the cinematography and design, the space was made to feel familiar and peaceful, and my hope was that this false sense of security would make the horror that ensues all the more terrifying.

The short film borrows thematic and stylistic ideas from the feature film, which is more character-driven and focuses on a divorced couple who — while vacationing at an isolated cabin retreat — struggle to save their children from an unknown fate after an inexplicable evil lures them into the woods. It’s a film about how fear can bring out the worst in people, specifically the fear of the unknown — the sort of fear that comes from seeing a loved one wander into the woods toward and unknown fate, and not understanding why they did it, what’s out there, or why you’ve been left behind.

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