THE HOBBYIST Short Film – Audience FEEDBACK at the Action/Thriller Nov. 2018 Festival

THE HOBBYIST, 8min., USA, Thriller
Directed by George VatistasA short neo-noire thriller centered around a mysterious druggist visited by Sangstrom, a seemingly ordinary man in search of an undetectable poison. Yet, Sangstrom winds up getting more than he bargained for from the sagacious alchemist.CLICK HERE – and see full info and more pics of the film!

Director BIO: George Vatistas (THE HOBBYIST)

George Robert Vatistas is a Greek-American filmmaker from Philadelphia. He graduated from the New York college film school in Athens, Greece, where his first movie “The Weapon” was praised by international self-taught director Pantelis Voulgaris. His passion for directing and cinema led him to New York City where George completed his masters in directing at the School of Visual Arts, under Bob Girardi’s directing program. George’s second written & directed film, “The Hobbyist” was awarded with the Paula Rhodes Memorial Award & given to him by SVA as an honors master’s degree candidate.