Today’s Thriller Screenplay Reading: THE MANTLE by Frank Edward Kelly

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Written by Frank Edward Kelly
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The Mantle is about an FBI agent trapped in a mysterious, snowbound town who stumbles on a series of unearthly deaths that mirror a tragedy from his past.


NARRATOR – Megan Leach
THERON – Rob Salerno
NINA – Maya Woloszyn
WEATHERMAN – Troy Patterson
WOMAN’S VOICE – Rachel Rain Packota
STATE TROOPER – David Occhipinti


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Watch DRAGGING THE MARK, Thriller 1st Scene Script Reading by Suzy Stein

Deadline October 5th: FIRST SCENE (first 10pgs) SCREENPLAY FESTIVAL Get script performed at the festival. Full feedback

Watch DRAGGING THE MARK. Thriller First Script Scene:


In a bleak future where the rich live in the light, the criminals disappear into the dark, and justice is handed down with absolute finality, an intricate con game goes very wrong. Or does it?


NARRATOR – Marta Legrady
JOE – Jimmy Makris
LANGTRY – Rob Stone
CORA – Megan Leach