Today’s Thriller Screenplay Reading: THE MANTLE by Frank Edward Kelly

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Today’s Thriller/Suspense Screenplay Reading: UNLIKELY ANGELS by Anne Nemes

Submit your Thriller/Suspense Screenplay to the Festival: Best Scene from UNLIKELY ANGELS Screenplay Written by Anne Nemes Read 10 Questions with the writers CAST LIST: NARRATOR РCharles Gordon PETE РRob Salerno MIKE РJerald Bezener MARGOT РJulie Burris

Watch the Table Read of the Thriller TV PILOT Winner “WESTBOUND”

Winner of best TV PILOT at the October 2015 Writing Festival

Watch Thriller 1st Scene Script Reading: THE CURSE OF SAM HAIN

Deadline October 20th for Thriller/Suspense Film and Writing Festival

Watch CAGEY – Winning Short Screenplay Performance Reading

More than once my writing has been the beneficiary of the feedback I’ve received from Thriller Festival readers, regardless if I reached the finals or won one of your contests. Besides, once I get into your website it’s hard to find my way out without signing up for something!