Winning THRILLER Short Screenplay – THE SON, THE FATHER by Lukas Hassel

Watch the October 2016 Winning Short Screenplay. THE SON, THE FATHER Written by Lukas Hass SYNOPSIS: Genre: Crime, Thriller, Horror A ten year old’s birthday surprise has unexpected consequences far into his future. CAST LIST: NARRATOR – Hugh Ritchie LUKE – Benjamin Camenzuli FATHER – Paul Whitaker MOTHER – Becky Shrimpton SUSAN – Jane Smythe… Continue reading Winning THRILLER Short Screenplay – THE SON, THE FATHER by Lukas Hassel

Watch HANNIBAL TV Spec Screenplay Reading

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HANNIBAL “Honesuki”, TV Script Reading
Written by Ibba Armancas

Watch RABBIT’S MAN, Thriller/Suspense 1st Chapter Novel Reading

The contest appeared ideal for me to showcase my work, and the fact that it’s being read by a group of professionals was enlightening to know that my work wouldn’t be judged by just the opinions of a single reader who may or may not find my story totally convincing.

Watch Winning Thriller Feature Screenplay Reading of FLEET WEEK: EVANESCENCE

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Watch Thriller Feature Screenplay Reading of SHOOTING STAR

I think what influenced me the most was the full appraisal of my what I had written. None of us know what we’ve written, we think we do but we don’t, no idea, we’re clueless. We’re just sunk in our own vision, and when I saw the full appraisal as part of the competition, I was sold. Then, I got my appraisal and it was possibly the best I have ever received, not because it was good or complimentary, but because they had obviously read it, and I mean completely and they properly criticised it! So their comments were not only ‘left of field’, but they were an accurate observation and they actually improved the script, not matter how hard they were to swallow. It was so worthwhile it was worth the price of entry just to get that feed back…..let alone winning, that was a real surprise. Winning didn’t even cross my mind, I needed to know’ what professional people thought of it. Me and the guy who I created the story with, Dave Powell, are over the moon.

Watch CAGEY – Winning Short Screenplay Performance Reading

More than once my writing has been the beneficiary of the feedback I’ve received from Thriller Festival readers, regardless if I reached the finals or won one of your contests. Besides, once I get into your website it’s hard to find my way out without signing up for something!