2018 THRILLER Novels & Short Stories (16)

NOVEL Transcript Reading – THE KAJanuary 2018 Readingby Mary Deal NOVEL Transcript Reading – CULL BLOODLINEJanuary 2018 Readingby Eric J. Gates NOVEL Transcript Reading – MINUTE OF DARKNESSJanuary 2018 Readingby JD Daniels NOVEL Transcript Reading – CACHE A PREDATORJanuary 2018 Readingby Michelle Weidenbenner SHORT STORY Reading – TERROR AT THE STERLINGFebruary 2018 Readingby Jeff Dawson… Continue reading 2018 THRILLER Novels & Short Stories (16)

Winning THRILLER Feature Screenplay: THE TWIN WITHIN by Gunnar E Garrett Jr

Genre: Thriller, Horror, Drama The murder-suicide that left a thirteen-year-old girl without a mother and father triggers voices within encouraging her to kill. CAST LIST: Narrator: Julian Ford Amy: Penelope Corrin Kevin: Dan Cristofori Morgan/Heather: Rachel Salsberg Madison: Emily Weir Matt: Steve Rizzo  Get to know the winning writer: What is your screenplay about? This… Continue reading Winning THRILLER Feature Screenplay: THE TWIN WITHIN by Gunnar E Garrett Jr

2016 Novels & Short Stories

Watch the 2016 Winning Thriller/Suspense Winners performed by professional actors. Submit your Thriller/Suspense Screenplay to the Festival: https://thrillersuspensefestival.com/   NOVEL Transcript Reading – GUARDING SHAKESPEARE December 2016 Reading Written by Quintin Peterson SHORT Story – THE GRAVE DIGGERS September 2016 ReadingWritten by Joseph Tsujimoto SHORT Story – DUALITY September 2016 ReadingWritten by Devin Klos SHORT… Continue reading 2016 Novels & Short Stories

Watch the Winning Thriller Short Story Reading of THE BABYSITTER, by Sean Hood

Deadline: SHORT STORY Festival. Get your story performed at the Writing Festival. FULL FEEDBACK on all entries.

WATCH the Recent Winning Short Story/1st Chapter Readings:

Watch FIX FACTORY, Thriller Feature Screenplay Reading

My screenplay is about Lawrence, a down on his luck, hopeless alcoholic who’s hit rock bottom and has decided to pull his life together. As soon as Lawrence makes some progress and feels like he’s cleaning up his act, he’s confronted by a thirst within himself that’s far worse than the first: a thirst for blood. After Lawrence’s blood lust leads him to murdering a seemingly innocent man and kidnapping that man’s orphaned child, a stranger named William steps into the picture to help Lawrence harness and control his thirst as Lawrence gradually absorbs the lifestyle of a vampire. As Lawrence attempts to develop some kind of control over his new affliction and to accept that his survival depends on denying life to others, his own life and everyone else in it is sucked in by a rapid downward spiral and spat out by a violent climax that they’ll never be able to forget.

Watch Thriller Feature Screenplay Reading of SHOOTING STAR

I think what influenced me the most was the full appraisal of my what I had written. None of us know what we’ve written, we think we do but we don’t, no idea, we’re clueless. We’re just sunk in our own vision, and when I saw the full appraisal as part of the competition, I was sold. Then, I got my appraisal and it was possibly the best I have ever received, not because it was good or complimentary, but because they had obviously read it, and I mean completely and they properly criticised it! So their comments were not only ‘left of field’, but they were an accurate observation and they actually improved the script, not matter how hard they were to swallow. It was so worthwhile it was worth the price of entry just to get that feed back…..let alone winning, that was a real surprise. Winning didn’t even cross my mind, I needed to know’ what professional people thought of it. Me and the guy who I created the story with, Dave Powell, are over the moon.