When an American golf reviewer, on assignment in Moscow, survives a bombing in a crowded market, he teams up with an ex British commando to escape a hit squad aiming to silence him before he can expose the culprits. CAST LIST: Leyla: Cari Haim Braddock: Gabriel Darku Narration: Esther Thibault Nash: Isaiah Kolundzic Stanislav: Charles… Continue reading THRILLER TV PILOT Reading: BLOWBACK, by Eric Murphy

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My screenplay is about Lawrence, a down on his luck, hopeless alcoholic who’s hit rock bottom and has decided to pull his life together. As soon as Lawrence makes some progress and feels like he’s cleaning up his act, he’s confronted by a thirst within himself that’s far worse than the first: a thirst for blood. After Lawrence’s blood lust leads him to murdering a seemingly innocent man and kidnapping that man’s orphaned child, a stranger named William steps into the picture to help Lawrence harness and control his thirst as Lawrence gradually absorbs the lifestyle of a vampire. As Lawrence attempts to develop some kind of control over his new affliction and to accept that his survival depends on denying life to others, his own life and everyone else in it is sucked in by a rapid downward spiral and spat out by a violent climax that they’ll never be able to forget.